21 August, 2013

Too Quiet

What to do when you are awaiting news for something that could be life changing? I have little
advice on this, as it seems that I am regularly waiting for this type of news. Life is ever changing, even when it seems to be static for long periods of time. For me, personally, life seems to be pulling in every direction at times and at other times leaving me be to do as I wish. What do I prefer; to this I am uncertain of the correct answer.Challenges and constantly moving is nice but other times I wish I could just standstill and take life in for once. Though when items are quiet I get annoyed at the lack of action but when life picks up I wonder when will it ever get quiet again.
It is the adage that states, if one could like to be hot in the summer and cold in the winter, they would never need heating or air conditioning.

Edward Tj Gerety

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