22 October, 2016

How I became a victim of Internet Slander by getting Engaged

How I became a victim

of Internet Slander by getting Engaged

I am Edward John 'Tj' George Gerety, III, and I am a victim of the Internet, when I married my wife and an ex-girlfriend went insane. 

The Internet has given the world access to an assembly of its entire history.  Almost every action and belief that man has developed can be found online but as with all things, what can be used for good can be used for evil. An unstable ex-girlfriend thought if she could make enough people believe I was evil, I would coming running back to her.  Nine years have passed and she still believes I am coming back to her.

What Is Freedom of Speech? 

The concept of Freedom of Speech is the mainstay of the First Amendment, which states,
"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion,
or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech,
or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble,
 and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."1

Freedom of Speech is a core factor in any Democracy, without it, the open exchange of ideas could never take place but it does have it fallacies.  Particularly, when takes this freedom to levels of falsehoods.  And the Internet allows lying individuals to hide behind the concept of Freedom of Speech without any sort of fear of being called out.

The Meeting

This has happened to me. As all young men do, I dated my fair share of girls each different and exciting in their own right.  A few I even thought I would marry but alas priorities change as do feelings.  Though in November 2005, I met my future wife, we became an official couple.  The relationship was so serious that I told everyone that I knew she was going to be the one.  She was going to make me settle down. As word leaked out of my pronouncement, a former girlfriend contacted me telling me she was the one rather then my soon-to-be better-half.  She sent letters and emails, left notes at my house and even went as far as to camp outside my office building waiting for me to come to work.

By 2007, I had ignored most of these oddities and just kept moving forward with life.  Though I did not realize how insane it is to ignore crazy.  Days after announcing I was engaged, a note appeared on my front door. Informing me that if I did not meet my personal crazy fan for dinner, she would come at me with no-holds-bar anger and sadly I ignored the note and its threat.

Literally, fifty calls a day and then...

Then in 2010, I was having lunch at a restaurant downtown at a little French bistro. My waiter was a Turkish student who was studying engineering and was hoping to get a job at a consulting company that I had just been pitched a program.  He knew this because their folder was in my bag, which was on the table easily seen.  Since this kid was beyond attentive, I got his name and told him to email me his CV. Explaining I would hand it to my contact inside the company.

The gentleman minutes later came back and asked if I would just delete his email and CV from my system and not do anything for him.  He said that he did not want to be associated with a criminal and fugitive.  This blew me away but then he showed me the website.  My ex-girlfriend had created a blog stating I was wanted in three states by the police and was a convicted criminal.    

The Post

The post (I am certain you have read it) was detailed and even had actually police department phone numbers.  It listed contact information for authentic police detectives, whom when I reached out to told me that over the last month, they have gotten daily calls from people telling them they knew where they could find me.  The detectives, whom were considerate but also told me it was a rather a joke in their offices to bet on how many calls they would get.  They apologized to me but said there was nothing that they could do without the name of the poster.

So I contacted Blogger and they told me it was the persons First Amendment right to post this nonsense.  There was nothing that I could do.

At first, I thought anyone of intelligence would do their due-diligence and find this is all nonsense. As at my wedding,in Honolulu, Hawai'i, many people who were friends for decades thought it was the funniest thing they had ever read.  So I never thought much of it.

Life because of the Posting

Then while I was in graduate school, the university actually asked if I would under-go a full background screening, again.  I agreed, even having to have my fingerprints taken.  A week later, the school's Dean's office apologized, as the search came back completely clean.

The Future

So as my daughter and son gets older, I wonder what their friends' parents must think when they read this nonsense.  What do people who have never met me before believe myself to be if they do not actually take the time to call the numbers and find out it is all untrue.

This is why I decided to post this note... and ask that you take the time to checkout every detail of any one's life because of an "Internet posting" of not being up to standards.

This is how I have become a Victim of the Internet.

Edward Tj Gerety
info (at) EdwardTjGerety.com        


  1. The internet will always be the realms of cowards.

  2. The end question is what do they really gain from doing it? People can check anything now but only the lazy would put stock in a free site.


  3. The end of time will show that 90% of all this data being created is nothing of value.

  4. If you are not willing to use your name and standby your information, than that information has no value.


  5. The greatest threat to freedom is unregulated speech that is permitted to say anything without recourse.

    Soon yelling FIRE will be lawful in any setting.

  6. The First Amendment was never meant for items such as this.